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Happiness is a journey that starts when you're a baby.

Happiness is a journey that starts when you're a baby - Chicco Brand

The Chicco Story

The largest baby brand in all of Europe, Chicco is part of the global Artsana Group, a holistic, innovative lifestyle company that encompasses everything you need to care for all generations of a family, from baby feeding systems to cosmetics to medical supplies.

For more than 50 years, Chicco has stood for excellence. Named for founder Pietro Catelli's firstborn son Enrico, the Chicco brand (pronounced "kee-ko") has remained a core brand of the Artsana Group, which not only produces baby products, but also high-quality hypodermic needles, thermometers, and syringes. Pietro Catelli's passion for personal wellness drove him to expand his company to offer a breadth of baby care products that enhance and support the pleasure of raising children from pregnancy to preschool. Chicco is now in more than 120 countries over six continents.

The Happiness Lab

In our Happiness Laboratory, the Osservatorio Chicco in Italy, top researchers and scientists dedicated to the development of children from birth to three years, observe, analyze, and gather data. By understanding babies and what makes them happy when they sleep, eat, and play, Chicco can create products that feed their needs and desires.

Drawing on the expertise of parents as well as child educators, Chicco developers blend real-world knowledge with cutting-edge research, discovering the most ideal color of a toy, the perfect shape of a nipple, the best ergonomics of a stroller, or the definitive safety of a baby seat.

Chicco takes the happiness of children seriously.

Always Seeking Advice

Dedicated to meeting the vital physical and psychological developmental needs of children in the first three years of life, Chicco collaborates with experts in the medical and scientific fields to ensure each new product is developed in accordance with the latest and best research.

With a strong belief that every product must be tried and tested in the field as well as the lab, Chicco works with educators and parents for hands-on, real-world assessments to ensure each innovation meets the specific needs of children in each growth phase.





Chicco knows how to work alongside mothers and children because it is fully aware of how important the bond that develops and grows between them is and aims to offer solutions that support and facilitate a positive relationship.



Chicco knows that growth for children is a natural and instinctive strive towards the future. We also know how important it is for their mothers to help them grow up happily. This is why we provide solutions that instill a sense of trust and security.



Chicco gives children the freedom they need to express their imagination and enhance their desire to experiment. This is why we aspire to provide mothers and children with state-of-the-art solutions.



Everyone deserves a bit of happiness and Chicco knows that. This is why we design products aimed at fulfilling the needs of all mothers and children.



Chicco knows how much a simple smile is worth, how important a serene and secure environment is for a baby. This is why it provides mothers and children with solutions that fill everyday life with moments of harmony and positivity.



Chicco provides mothers and children with simple solutions to improve everyday life.



Chicco knows that it is thanks to spontaneity that children discover the world and this is why it aims to allow them to freely express themselves whatever the situation.