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Feet That Are Free To Grow

Chicco Physiological Shoes

Start the journey on the right foot. A Child's foot is vitally important to his and her's motor development. Feet must be protected by using suitable, comfortable, lightweight, and flexible shoes that give the feet room to move freely and adapt to the physiological development.

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Chicco di Felicità

Happiness is a feeling that is meant to be shared: offered from one heart to another. Which is why Chicco USA joins its parent company, Artsana, to wholeheartedly support the global aiutari i bambini orgainaization's "Children's Heart' campaign.

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Chicco Mission

Our 7 Values

Chicco is consistent with its mission in everything that it does. Its skill and expertise are at the service of children and families today to offer solutions that are simple, innovative and contemporary.

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