Plan Exciting Adventures with a Chicco Jogger Travel System!

When you want a jogging stroller, consider purchasing a Chicco jogger travel system! Like all Chicco travel systems, the Chicco jogger travel system includes a stroller, Chicco KeyFit® or KeyFit® 30 car seat and, in select cases, car seat base. You’ll be able to transition effortlessly from home or vehicle to your next destination!

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  • $599.98
    Free Caddy - Save $99.99 at checkout
  • Jogging… and Life… Made Simpler with Chicco Jogger Travel Systems

    It’s important for parents to take care of themselves, and that means investing in the most comfortable, affordable and reputable jogging travel systems available. Chicco offers jogger travel systems that include one jogging stroller, a #1-Rated Chicco KeyFit® or KeyFit® 30 infant car seat and, selectively, car seat base. Some also come standard with a free KeyFit® Caddy stroller. No matter where you and baby go for your exercise, all your transitional points will be effortless.

    Uncomplicated Storage for Super Portability

    Do you have a favorite location you want to go with your Chicco jogger travel system? Simply pack your stroller in your car and instantly adjust your KeyFit® or KeyFit® 30 car seat! The engineers at Chicco have masterfully created jogging travel systems that are uncomplicated to use, but provide tremendous peace of mind. Go wherever you want, and take advantage of fun adventures with Chicco by your side!

    Chicco Jogger Travel Systems – Great Gifts for Parents!

    Is a parent in your life requesting a jogging stroller? Maximize your investment by bundling a jogger stroller with other pieces of baby equipment! Every Chicco jogging travel system has been economically priced to give you maximum value. Many Chicco jogger travel systems, such as the Tre Jogging Stroller bundle, come with a free diaper bag.