Chicco Di Felicita Charm

Chicco Di Felicita Charm in Chicco Di Felicita Charm in Chicco Di Felicita Charm in


Chicco Di Felicita Charm in
Chicco Di Felicita Charm


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Chicco has always been wherever there's a baby. And above all wherever there's a baby who is denied the security and serenity of a family. Chicco is well aware, in fact, that a good parent-child relationship provides the foundations for happiness, especially when they grow up.

Happiness which the children living in difficult or inexistent family situations in Italy also have a right to. Chicco has been collaborating for over 10 years with the Ai.Bi. Association an international humanitarian organization that defends the rights of minors and their fundamental rights to have a family.

Our wish? To give every child the chance to spend his childhood in the warm arms of a real family.
Up to the present day, over 150,000 people, have decided to wear the Chicco di Felicit\, demonstrating, on a daily basis, the genuine commitment which has secured significant results: 460 children have been adopted, 355 of which with special needs. When selecting, wearing or gifting the Chicco di Felicit\ you are demonstrating your affinity with the world of children.

Not to be worn by children.